Single mum with two lovely (and lively!) boys looking for caring live-in nanny/housekeeper : Holland Park, London

Dear nanny and housekeeper, I am a single mum, living with two boys in a flat by Holland Park. My two boys are age 4 and 9 years old. I have two more children attending boarding school, so you won’t see them, except on week-ends, when it gets quite lively!!! Our previous nanny/housekeeper stayed with us for four years but had to go back to her family in the Philippines. We hope you will like our loving and energetic family as much as our previous nannies! I am going back to work hence I need a trusted live-in at home, who is happy and independent running the household during the day and who can pick up the youngest (4) from school (at 3:20pm) and bring him home or to his various extra curricular activities. It would be great if you like to play with children because we have lots of Playmobil and other kinds of games and my children love to play! I will show you how to cook some basic French recipes but international dishes are always welcome. My youngest boy goes to bed at 7:30 and his older brother at 8:30. I hope you enjoy reading bedtime stories: we have many books to choose from! I keep my home quite tidy and I hope you are the same. You will have a lot of freedom so you you can plan the days as you wish as long as all the housekeeping, cooking etc. are done. I can also help you with the planning at the beginning if you would like to. Last but not least, we travel quite a lot to France during the school holidays (I am French) so it would be great if you would like to come along (sometimes at least). I am sure you will enjoy it because it should also be a holiday for you :) We are very much looking forward to meeting you, Catherine & her children

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Jun 30th, 2013 | Posted in Babysitting Nannies