Falafel Chef seeking invetors $$$ to start proficuos business – great opportunity : Bristol City Centre

Hi, I can make great FALAFEL. I developed my own recipe and have more ideas for new ones. I can make salads of different types, hummus, homemade dressings and homemade sauces. Everything from the scratch! The ideal location to start the business is in the Bristol city center, close to offices and tourism areas. The best would be that you have a little store (or a truck) and an equipped kitchen. The essential equipment needed is the following: a deep fryer, a stove, a very good food processor, a fridge big enough, and a pita/bread toaster. I will be the chef, and I will take care of the management of the business, including marketing, promoting, and developing the business to make it grow. You will be the investor. You are flexible, open minded, a people person, willing to participate in a creative and a very original idea of making the business, able to participate in the management of the business and to see it grow. Preferably, you have a little store or a truck. There is lot of potential. All depends on how we are going to manage this potential. This is a great opportunity of business: falafel are very popular here in Bristol. This is gonna be a full partnership. Reply with your contact details and details of what can you offer (please be specific about the location of your store and the equipment you have got). More details about the business development will be available ONLY to those who show real interest.

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Jul 8th, 2013 | Posted in Cooks Kitchen