Body By Vi has launched into the UK!!! And we are looking for home based part/full time promoters : Central London

With nearly 1.5 MILLION new people joining The Body by Vi Challenge last year, The #1 Weight Loss & Fitness Platform in North America is now launching in the United Kingdom! The Visalus Business Opportunity With Visalus , realising your dreams is simpler than you think. Would you like to spend more quality time with your family? Earn extra money part-time and work from home? Run a thriving international business with limitless potential? Success is a state of mind. You can achieve it. You need to have an opportunity to choose it! Make a positive change in people’s lives? With Visalus’s unparalleled business opportunity, all of this is possible and more. Are you earning what you’re worth? Earn what you’re worth! There’s no limit to what you can earn with Visalus . If your goal is to have extra spending money, Visalus is an ideal part-time business. If you want to commit full-time for bigger rewards, there is unlimited potential. ◾Build a profitable business locally and internationally. ◾No prior experience or educational requirements. ◾Very low start-up cost. ◾Work from home or office. ◾Work at your own pace — part time or full time. ◾Receive the training and support you need to reach your goals. Join the family and travel the world With Visalus , you’re your own boss — but you’re also part of a very strong community of Distributors in many countries, and an organization that’s been improving lives for over 10 years. Good work deserves to be rewarded. As a Visalus distributor you can qualify for exclusive vacations and targeted training events all around the world. Visalus vacations and training events take you to exciting locations and the training you receive is the best in the industry! What better way to see the world and develop your business skills at the same time! Who are we looking for? ◾Anyone who wants to take their Visalus programme seriously. ◾New mothers torn between going back to work and staying home full-time. ◾People who dislike their current job, but don’t know what to do instead. ◾Couples wondering how to manage with just one income after deciding to start a family. ◾Anyone who wants to build a strong retirement plan to give them more freedom after they finish work. ◾Women looking for a way to rejoin the workforce after their kids have started school. ◾Graduates who don’t want to follow the normal ’45 year plan’. More information… If you are considering Visalus as a new part or full-time career choice, we recommend you join us on one of our conference calls, which are held on a daily basics. If you’d like to attend a seminar, or even if you are just curious and would like a quick informal chat about what’s involved, please call me or visit my website and watch the short video and fill in the form and I will contact you asap. Thank Ian.

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Nov 30th, 2017 | Posted in Health Beauty