Bath Spa Uni Student Volunteer Babysitter For Busy Mums! : Bath

Hi, I’m a 20 year old, female, 2nd year Biology student at Bath Spa University. I’m hoping to go on to study a PGCE in Early Years after my degree with the prospect of becoming a primary school teacher. I have a substancial amount of experience in working with children and am passionate about education and kids! I thrive on being around children and engaging with them in activities. I’m looking to gain even more experience with children and hope to free up some busy mums work load by volunteering to babysit In the Bath area. I’m willing to mind a maximum of 2 children for a few hours here and there to make life a little easier for young, busy or single mums. I’ll be available around other commitments but times can be arranged to try and best suit parents. As i do not currently have transport i would ideally be available to families in central Bath. I live in a beautiful little student house with 3 other lovely female Bath Spa students. I would be available for home sitting or to have children at my house (no overnight stays unfortunately). For more information and to speak or meet with me in person to discuss babysitting, please contact me via email or my mobile number (can leave a message and i’ll phone back) Thanks, Noelle

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Jul 8th, 2018 | Posted in Babysitting Nannies