Quality Door Canvassers needed to promote NEW FREE governme : Cardiff

Title: Quality Door Canvassers needed to promote NEW FREE government grants Save Britain Money is currently looking for 200 canvassers across the UK to help people claim for the new government grants coming out and to save money on household bills ROLE To complete a quick questionnaire on the door to explain the grants available i.e. Boiler replacements/Solid Wall Insulation and going forward green deal products. This is a great job as you are not actually selling anything but you are helping people save money and making a difference to the environment whilst earning very good commissions EARNINGS Self Employed Weekly Pay Minimum our current canvassers earn is GBP23.400 pa, Break this down it works out GBP450 pw With the new products available this will double. HOURS Mon-Fri (Weekend only if you are not on target or you are very money motivated and want to earn more) Hours are flexible providing you hit targets which are easily achievable Looking for experienced canvassers and teams that are well presented and have a real hunger. Will be willing to train people without exerprience providing the correct attitude is there Full training is provided

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Nov 27th, 2018 | Posted in Sales Customer service