nanny for July and August more or less : Manor House, London

Dear Mister and Misses, I am a student currently living in France doing a preparatory year in Applied Arts at Ecole de Conde, I received my baccalaureate last year in economical sciences and I plan to further my studies by doing a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion, which is why I wish to spend some time abroad to better my english. I speak fluent French, I have a good english level and speak a little spanish. Travelling has always been a passion of mine, I’ve travelled a lot in my life, in places like Argentina, Brazil, New-York, and especially in Europe where I’ve visited places like Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Eastern Europe. What has always interested me most about travel- ling is discovering new cultures and new people so that I always gain new perspective. Dialoguing with children is the principal motive for which I hope to incorporate a family. I’ve been babysitting all year, so I have a lot of experience with children, be it young children or pre-adolescent. Working with children has brought me many things, and so now I have a lot of imagination when it comes to ideas for going out, for games and general entertainment. I love spending time with children, I believe they bring us many things and they allow us to have an entirely different way of seeing the world. I enjoy playing and having fun with them, they are a never-ending source of joy. I am very motivated in becoming a nanny and to spend time with kids. Thanks to my studies I can make them discover artistic culture in a fun way. I’ve learned over time how to entertain children so as they do not get bored. I am very familiar with what needs to be respected in order for the children to be in security, especially when it comes to domestic accidents or any time of poisoning. Therefore, I believe I posses the neces- sary experience that you require. I also love London, and I’ve already spent much time there because a family member of mine lives there. So I am already familiar on moving around London. My interests are: Rollerblading, swimming, museums, sewing, applied arts and cooking, which I practice quite often. My studies have granted me a very efficient work ethic, as well as they have broadened my artistic culture. I am a very open-minded person, I’m dynamic, happy, easy to warm up to, serious, professional, attentive and trustworthy. I have no specific requirements as to salary or working hours, and I can live with the family or out of the home. i look forward to meeting you Margaux Colnard Reference: hélène piot , I can give you his email.

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Jan 1st, 2019 | Posted in Babysitting Nannies