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Ruairi McLaughlin 11/08/93 Insight I am a 19 year old hard working man with alot of experience in agriculture. I have lived on a farm all my life rearing beef cattle and sheep. I love every minute of it. I have also just completed a year at CAFRE (College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise) I was studying a Level 3 extended diploma in agriculture. I am self motivated and love to be given responsibility to carry out difficult tasks on my own however i am also a team player i can work well with other people. Willing to travel all over the U.K and Ireland. Units I have studied in Agriculture Understand Estate Skills Understand Landbased Grassland Management Understand Principles of Plant Science Understand Principles of Soil Science Understand and Promote Animal Health Understanding Livestock Breeding & Nutrition Understanding Principles of Land Based Machinery Undertake Beef Production Undertake Dairy Production Undertake Sheep Production Undertaking Landbased Machinery Operations Undertaking Landbased Workshop Practices My main interests are beef farming, suckler farming, sheep production and calf rearing however I enjoy all aspects of agriculture. At home we also do barley, wheat and potatoes from time to time but our farm is to small scale to be a successful farm business to I would like to go and work for someone else and help be a part of a big scale agricultural business. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this I know farmers get very little free time. Ruairi McLaughlin Derry, Northern Ireland 07592242941

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